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javier g




Hey everyone, a few days ago i went to the academy for my last time before i left to say goodbye to u guys. I just wanted to thank all of you at the academy for making it such a friendly and enjoyable place to go to everyday. After being a member of Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Training Center for over a year all you guys became like my second family.. I went to the academy my first day not knowing anyone there or what to expect.. Then as days passed i noticed that u guys really are all a family.. Everyday i would train with different people and i got to know a little about each person and ofcourse each one of those people taught me a little more about life or martial arts. It became such a joy for me to go and train at the academy.. Wether it was jiu jitsu, muay thai, wrestling or hyperfit,i always felt like i came out fitter, stronger, more knowledgable, and most importantly i came out happier and feeling great about myself. So i want to thank all you guys and girls at the academy for making it more than just a place to go train, but a place where many friends and memories were created. Specially i want to thank my teachers Stan, Juan, Nei, Pat, Santos and Joe for guiding me and pushing me to learn more and more and train harder and to finish what i started. Stan, i couldnt’ve picked a better place to train at, it was simply the best to train and learn from you, thank you for everything I appreciate it so much. I wish the best to all of you at the academy, good luck with everything and keep training hard.. Like Stan says, “always finish what you started”.

Julian S.


This place is hands down one of the best training facilities I have been to. Sure it might cost you more a month than a normal gym membership, but if you stay dedicated, you will get more than what you pay for. Plus you always have someone else planning your workout for you! The owners are fantastic, the instructors are amazing and the atmosphere of the gym is inspiring, fun and enthusiastic. It is more than just a training facility, they make you feel like you are part of a family. They give back to their members unlike the big box gyms who just scan you in and say hello. They form lasting relationships with every member and create events outside of the training environment to further create relationships. Because of this I recomend this facility to everyone I know and meet. Plus you get to try out the facility for a week for free 🙂

Danielle S.


Stan – This is J. S.’s Dad. I wanted to touch base with you and offer a huge amount of praise on your academy as well as heap praise to Juan. When J. was growing up, I was always concerned about his genuine good heart and being such a good soul to others. My concern was he would be taken advantage of. J. is one of those old souls that is genuinely kind and likes everyone. I always knew I wanted him to learn the martial arts, I just was never sure which art was right for him. I grew up having received training in tae kwondo, japenese GoJu, as well as Chinese Jeet Koon Do…(forgive my bad spelling). Anyway, tae kwon do was out, too commercialized. My thoughts had been that J. needed practical training in real life situations. When I stumbled upon your school, I knew in my heart that this was the place for J.

First, his promotion to his grey and white belt is just fantastic. He was so happy at the holiday dinner to have received his promotion. It really gave him a sense of accomplishment. We could not have been more proud of him.

The real reason for this note is to inform you and Juan of a situation that occurred today. Apparently a boy who was quite a bit larger than J. was giving him a hard time while he was at the park with friends today. They ended up in a fight. J. has always been taught not to initiate a fight and only to defend himself or to protect his family from harm. Anyway, this larger boy started getting physical with him and they ended up on the ground with the boy on top of him. However, J.’s Jiu Jitsu training took over and he quickly handled the situation to the amazement of his friends, his mother and the other mothers present. Yes he was bruised a bit, but he defended himself and did not back down. In fact his comments were that he should have gotten on top of the boy and that he remembered to use what Juan had taught him to do. All the mothers there said they want to enroll their boys at your school 🙂

Anyway, I am not proud that a fight happened, but thrilled my boy was not the aggressor, remained his composure and defended himself. This just makes my thoughts of enrolling him at your school that much better of a choice. Jiu Jitsu works!! We are proud that J. is part of the Renzo Gracie family, as it truly is a family. Thank you and Juan for your patience and guidance with our son. We look forward to his further development at your school.

Regards, M.


It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced Martial Artist looking to round out your training, or you haven’t trained a day in your life. Stan Beck’s relaxed teaching style will quickly give you self-defense skills you can use from Day 1 of your training, while also helping you increase your endurance, confidence, strength, and overall health.

The classes are fun while being educational, and everyone there has a positive, helpful attitude not found in many Martial Arts schools. The academy itself is one of the cleanest, nicest Martial Arts training facilities in the area.

Bottom line: As a Police Officer and someone who has been training for over 20 years in the Martial Arts, I wouldn’t recommend a Martial Arts school if I didn’t believe it was one of the best in the area. The Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy of Weston has my wholehearted recommendation.

James M


Thanks! I have to tell you, Stan, that we are thrilled!!! (Our son) is TOTALLY COMMITTED to Gracie Jiu Jitsu!! When he comes home from class and I ask him how it was, etc., I can tell by the way he answers that he really LOVES it!!

He has really, really taken to it and doesn’t want to ever miss any classes that he can possibly take. We feel it is a terrific workout for him, both physically and mentally, and I can tell it is doing great things for his “head.” I see a growing sense of feeling good about himself, a sense of competency. Regardless of skill level, what more could a parent ask for, right? We all want our kids to feel good about themselves, confident, motivated, respectful, disciplined and proud of who they are. We also feel there is that very necessary sense of respect, praise and encouragement in the dojo. Without these elements, I believe, no program would be successful. You are running an organized and wonderful academy, Stan!

Keep it up! Thanks and have a great day!


Carol A.

We are enjoying your school immensely, Stan. You and Juan are giving more to these kids than you will ever know…

Great job. We’re very grateful for the patient and supportive positive teaching experience! will be happy to add that my husband has never been in better shape with brazilian jiu jitsu.


Elizabeth and Phil W.

If you are looking for a serious school in wich to train you need to look no further. Here at Renzo Gracie Weston  I have found the training to be top notch!! The instructers are fantastic!! The students are wonderfull and it really makes a great family environment. My family have been part of this school for three years or more so yes we are pro Renzo Gracie Weston. We joined after many years of searching for the right school. My family have gained so much. My kids juijitsui is very good (not bragging) thanks to Professor Juan who really takes the time to give kids the special attention they need, but don’t take it from me if you really want a great school then you owe to yourself to stop by!! The Marroquins

Jorge M.


I’m 32, wrestled in high school, I was decent but not an all star by any stretch. Ive never taken any form of martial arts before coming to Renzo Gracie, although I did try a lot of the free classes that most places offer. All the other schools that I tried out seemed more geared towards people who already had  training and were competing and not really for the new guy.

Now, being as old as I am and have never taken any form of martial arts, and having that double handicap looming over my head, I was more than a little nervous about starting something like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. After the free introductory class with Professor Stan Beck was over, I had already made up my mind that I was going to start training there and have never looked back.

It was more than just a sparring session, yes he showed me a couple moves but he also gave me the history of Jiu Jitsu and really took the timeto answer my questions and understand what I was looking for in a school. He also stated that he uses that time to interview the person who wants to train. This is because he does not want to have a bunch of brawlers in the school which makes for a great learning environment.

The other students are very patient and also instruct me. I feel that I subtract from their training progression at times because they are always giving me tips and pointers, but Ive never got the feeling that they were annoyed by that.
Take it from a beginner, if you are curious and want to give BJJ a shot look no further than Renzo Gracie of Weston.

Shane S.


In an unfortunate time when many martial arts academies are only in it for the money and sell black belt guarantees (for money not actual student development) it is nice to find an academy that is “the real deal.”
These guys love what they do and are true purveyors of their art. No nickle and dimeing for this and that; one monthly fee and you train as much as you want. They take the development of their students seriously. Juan, the youth instructor is awesome! Gives persistent positive reinforcement for the kids, yet also quick to correct them when they are doing things wrong. Stan, the director is also great and always exudes a positive and respectful air within the dojo.
And if you’re wondering about the effectiveness of BJJ? Don’t. It’s an amazing art. In playful settings, my second grader is tapping out the neighborhood middle schoolers. Go figure.

A F.


I”m very happy with the staff and students at the Renzo Gracie Academy of Weston. The instructors are excellent technicians and more importantly….transfer their knowledge effectively to create excellent students. Truly a great investment !!

Raul A.

My 4 year old takes classes here. I grew up taking judo at various places. I can tell you my son will stay here for a long time and I view this every bit as important as his elementary school. The teachers are positive and professional. Top notch. No thugs here.

Hector P.


I have been a Police Officer for over 22 Years, I have also been a SWAT Team member for over 13 years and been involved in all different physical training.   NOTHING compares to the physical and Mental Training I have received since joining  Renzo Gracie Jui Jitsu under Professor Stan Beck!!

I am 45 Years Old and in physically better shape then I have ever been, I  grapple with partners half my age and twice my size and enjoy every class. This builds great confidence, which makes the more difficult tasks in everyday life, much easier to handle!!!

Honestly its not easy but the training pays off tenfold!!

Larry B.


BJJ Academies are not just the instructor , it is also the people.  Professor Stan has built a group people that share a love for BJJ.

Carlos G.


I have trained at Renzo Gracie Weston for about three years, and I can say that it has been one of the most positive changing experience in my life. I was very lucky to run into amazing people at this academy, it feels more like a second home to me.

Professor Stan is very knowledgeable, patient, and brings an outstanding positive, fun attitude and energy to his classes. Professor Juan, Nai, and all of the staff are excellent on what they do. THEY ARE THE BEST!

Americo B.


I have been training at renzo gracie Weston fir the past two years and could not be happier. Stan, Nai, Juan and the rest if the staff have amazing skill and are excellent teachers. If you want to learn Brazillian Jiu Jitsu there is no better place. Check your ego at the door and get ready to learn from the best.

Derik r.


Im A student that has been training at this school for only acouple months but by far one of the best places ive trained. everyone is very welcoming, the more advance student are more than willing to help you out rather than choke you out for there amusement lol and stan is great instructor.

Jonathan R.


I have done martial arts most of my life and I can say they are all good for you any of them is better than sitting at home doing nothing. Having said that I’ll tell you this RENZO GRACIE BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU is my personal favorite. As self defense and exercise it out does all the rest and I have tried quite a few. Renzo Gracie BJJ of Weston has a great bunch of good people that train there and Stan Couldn’t run the academy any better. He is a great profesor and instructor. In a nut shell RGBJJ rocks.

Aurelio C.


I have children in all the levels. We are long term happy members.

Juan, the children’s instructor is both extremely knowledgeable yet patient. He also instinctively knows when to reign the class or a student in without over kill. My children have had to use what was taught in class to defend themselves. I loved it because my kids were able to keep the bullies at bay without causing a broken bone or blooding a face (no angry calls from bully’s mom.)  My older son has taken classes with Stan and enjoyed them very much too! As Renzo Gracie JJ is growing, more classes are being added. I think I will try Yoga or one of the Kickboxing classes soon. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu!

Andrea W.